A Letter to Love

Dear Love,
and all the forces that brought us together.
I’m here right now,
one of the key places where it all began.
It started with a heartfelt confession
and an unexpected gasp
that seemed to echo into the night.
A tsunami of emotions, a shaky yes,
that, over days, settled and gave way
to the purest love that I have experienced yet.
I was always uncertain and afraid back then
But you pushed someone my way
who had enough faith and courage for the both of us.
Thank you for that, really, and so much more.
I look back and all I can remember is
love, kindness, happiness;
all the things I wasn’t sure I was ever gonna get.
It’s almost a year now, did you know?
A year filled-to-the-brim with memories,
each of them so precious and meaningful,
all of them a part of my soul now.
Love, I think I’ve found someone
who I’d like to fly on the back of a giant butterfly with;
who I’d like to not just share stories,
but to make stories with as well;
who I’d like to stargaze into the night sky in silence with;
who I’d like to readily include in my precious me-time
just to make it our we-time.
He is very special to me, Love,
someone who has a complicated relationship with geese;
someone who gets loopy if he goes all day without coffee;
someone who can be too carefree for his own good, at times.
He’s someone who is passionate about things
and isn’t afraid to show it; like a river, he once said,
but we’ve established that he too can be an ocean sometimes.
Someone who not just appreciates the weird in me
but someone who can rival it just as well.
He’s someone I can see a life with, Love,
so I implore you to let that come true.
I know he will make the world a better place,
whatever he does in life, but I would love it
if I could be by his side supporting him while he does that.

Thank you, Love,
times 69,
times infinity.

© Ashes 2019


artwork unknown


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