Finding Her Reason

She could honestly say she was trying her hardest. She focused all her energy into picturing what she wanted, felt the power surging through her veins; faint, yet still existent, and flung her arms upwards expecting a shower of dancing lights to erupt from her hands. Instead, there was nothing but a faint flicker, like the faint embers of a once crackling fire.

“I can’t do it!” Emily cried, her features etched with exhaustion. She plopped onto the floor unceremoniously, her breathing heavy.

Her instructor watched from a distance, trying to mask his disappointment.
“Maybe we should try a less logical and a more emotional approach to this.”

“Oh, let’s face it Isaac, I’m not the person you think I am. I have no magic!” Emily said in a dejected tone.

“We’ll see about that,” Isaac said in a manner that suggested he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. “I want you to think of what you want to project magically, and associate that with a person in your mind. Give yourself a more personal reason to want the sparks to appear.”

Emily got off the floor and resumed her previous position. She thought over Isaac’s words. Why would I want the sparks to appear for a specific person?’ she thought to herself. It didn’t take long for her to find a reason.

‘Ethan’ she thought. Immediately, the face of one of her best friends appeared in her mind. She could see his face in vivid detail. She had memorized his features countless times: his unruly brown hair, honey-colored eyes, his lopsided smirk, the small birthmark on his upper left cheek.

He had done so much for her. He’d been there for her in the darkest moments of her life; he’d made her laugh at times where all she wanted to do was cry; he’d made her realize her own worth and strength on several occasions. He had been her rock and still continued to be.

She had always wanted to be able to repay him, and although she was able to several times, on many occasions her clumsy nature came into play and she only made things worse for him.

She wanted him to know how much he meant to her, that she was more than her mistakes, and that she would always try her hardest to be there for him the same way he’d been there for her all this time.

Emily smiled as a series of memories played out in her mind. ‘I guess I’ve found my reason now,’ she thought to herself. ‘I want to do this, for myself but also for Ethan. I want him to know that he’s gotten me through so many tough times, and that I’ll do the same for him.’
She felt the same kind of power surge through her veins, only ten times stronger.
She focused all that she had into what she wanted to project, imagined thousands of flickering sparks erupt from her fingertips, and threw her arms into the air.

The sight before her was so much more breathtaking than what she’d pictured in her head. The sky was alive with glimmering sparks of silver and gold, better than any fireworks show she’d ever seen.

And as she looked at the view, Emily couldn’t help but feel very happy. She had discovered the magic within herself, and she finally had a reason (besides her own self) to want to do more with her newfound gifts.


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