A Question Worth Asking

I’m the kind of person who’d rather ask people deep and meaningful questions to get to know them than make small talk. So this is one question that I always try to ask the people I meet and also those I already know: What is it that you’re enamored of? And a lot of times, the answers have been things I never expected.

Some talked about certain places they’ve been to that quickly became their favorite; some talked about gifts that they got from people they cared about; some talked about their passions like art and music and poetry; and there were even a few that fell deep into thought and just their expressions were enough of an answer and I didn’t have the heart to ask again and unintentionally pry. But it is people’s reactions, and the way their eyes light up when they talk about the things they love, that make me glad about the  few times I get over my bouts of social anxiety to ask them that question.

There have been times people asked me the same question, and I’ve sometimes been called a hopeless dreamer for my answer. But honestly, it’s the little things I’m enamored of, that seem very magical to me; books, because they transport me into a world where I go through countless emotions and unimaginable events and I love the feeling; crafts supplies, especially glitter, because I love making things from scratch and then adding glitter to give them the element of magic; the feeling of contentment after watching a sunrise or sunset all by myself (or maybe even the people closest to me), it courses through my veins and it’s so powerful and indescribable; and just people in general, because they fascinate me and their excitement and passion makes me happy too.

So I guess if you’re like me and love getting to know people on a personal level, I’d say ‘what are you enamored of?’, is the perfect question for that.

© Ashes 2017


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