When The Fates Intervened

Every one of us has something special to contribute to the world: it could be through our writings, or out art, or even something as seemingly simple as comforting a friend. We all have the potential to make a difference.

Two specific people on the planet had this potential as well, though a guarantee for them, as The Fates had bestowed them with gifts and had a special plan for them. It had been their destiny to bring about a change in the world when it needs it the most They had been brought up with the knowledge and had been training ever since they were ten.

A problem that The Fates hadn’t thought they would encounter was the animosity between them.

Their names were Celia and Zander.

Regardless of knowing what they were meant to do, the two could never seem to get along with one another. Anyone in their vicinity made sure to steer clear of them because their infamous fights were quite well known among their magical circles.

Yes, Celia and Zander were born magical. They both used their powers for good, but when it came to working together to complete a mission, they could never seem to accomplish anything and those missions often resulted in one of them having an outburst that lead to failure.

The Fates knew the both of them couldn’t go on like this, and feared that someday something really bad might happen that could be irreversible. They also knew that the both of them came from slightly different worlds but refused to see things from the other’s perspective. So they came up with a plan to make them do so, even if it meant going behind their backs to do so.

So one morning, both Celia and Zander woke up feeling the same as everyday, not knowing that The Fates’ plan would ensue the following day. As they were ‘destined for greatness and whatnot’, they were required to share the same quarters. They set about their daily routine and freshened up, all the while ignoring each other as best they could. This was hard since they only had one bathroom to share and one of them always spent longer time in there on purpose just to annoy the other, and the fighting would begin henceforth, usually with an abusive remark and a shove.

This time however, when Zander gave Celia a little shove while they were arguing, they both felt a zap from the point of contact which pulsed through their bodies and made them go unconscious for a few seconds.

When they came to, Zander found his hand magically glued to Celia’s shoulder from where he had shoved her. After Celia shouted at him to remove his hand and realized he wasn’t joking about it being stuck, the both tried using all of their magic together to try to remove it but it seemed impossible.

They both knew the only other magic they couldn’t counteract was The Fates’. Needless to say, they were extremely angry. The Fates informed them that only when they can learn to cooperate with one another will their so-called punishment be lifted. The both of them grumbled and protested but knew in the end that not complying would be futile, so they begrudgingly accepted their circumstances.

The two of them learned that Zander could hold on to any part of Celia, so long as they were constantly in physical contact. The first few days proved to be extremely hard, especially when it came to activities like taking a shower or having to pee or going to sleep. Thanks to the both of them being magical, they could take care of their bathroom problems but sleeping next to each other was another matter and initially consisted of a lot of warnings and threats before they finally came to a sort of understanding and became used to it.

Due to their circumstances, they were forced to learn things about each other which they had never cared to do before.
Celia found out that not everything was right in Zander’s life, especially when it came to his family. She learned that his family mostly ignored him since most of them used their magic for evil, and shunned him when he chose to use his magic for good instead. She grew to respect him more. Having family and friends who could be pushy yet still cared for her deeply, she only then realized how he had no one and how lonely it must be for him.
Zander learned about the pressure that was on Celia by all those around her. Her family and friends were good to her, yes, but they had a lot of expectations from her and often forgot that she was human and there was only so much pressure she could handle without imploding. Yet no one seemed to notice that except Zander. He admired her strength. Since Zander had no one close enough to have any expectations from him, he couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for Celia.

Though neither would ever admit to other that they were starting to see each other in a different light; at least not in the near future.

The Fates noticed the gradual yet remarkable change between the two. They noticed the increasing attraction between the two. One could even say it was a magnetic attraction, though quite literally in this case. They were glad when the two not only started to get along, but even became pillars of support for one another during times they couldn’t turn to anyone else. Sure, they still had moments where they bickered, but those arguments were now more of a playful nature than a hateful one.

Thus, The Fates patted themselves on the back for a job well done, and had more hope for the future of the two young adults, and all of mankind, than ever before.

© Ashes 2017



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