Bothersome Stereotypes

Why is it considered weak for a guy to show emotions? Why is it that for a guy to cry is considered ‘unmanly’, and he is told to toughen up?
So many times I have seen a guy hold back his tears and try to stay strong just so no one around would say anything demeaning about him, even if his whole world just turned upside down and he has every right to cry. So many times I have seen a guy being discouraged from just being human.

Because crying is indeed a human trait. For it to be okay to cry shouldn’t only be restricted to children or females.

Growing up, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by males like my brother and father, who expressed their emotions however they wanted and never discouraged me or anyone else for doing the same. In fact, they often brought up topics regarding emotions with ease so I never grew up believing in the stereotype that guys should be unfeeling. I actually prefer to encourage my guy friends to be more open to the idea of revealing their emotions and not being very closed off, if not in front of others then at least in front of me as a start.



Another stereotype I am very against is how females are always ‘too sentimental’ or ‘too emotional’, and that because of said personality traits they are considered weak and fragile.
Firstly, not all females are always crying or always emotional. And females aren’t necessarily on their period if they ever snap at you, and it can be annoying to hear that.
Secondly, even if a female or even a male show a lot of emotion or cry easily, it does not mean they are weak.
Crying is not a weakness and I hate how it has been deemed as such by society. Crying is a basic human instinct and helps relieve a person when they are in pain. More often than not, crying is a result of staying strong for too long.



Also, why is it that colors like pink are for females and colors like blue are for males? I have seen some of my family members discourage their kids from wearing certain colors just because they are stereotypically associated with the opposite sex, and it has been bothering me for a long time.


I’m not saying all of this is true for all females and males but I try to speak for those who do go through this and may not be brave enough to voice their opinions. I don’t expect change to happen overnight but I hope we can address issues like these which seem very minor in the long run but can be very hard for the individuals going through them.

© Ashes 2017



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