Short Fiction: More Than a Coincidence

Samantha had never truly believed in a ‘soulmate’. But at times, she liked to imagine that there are certain pairs in this world who show synchrony in their actions or thoughts, whether or not they have already met yet. They could be at opposite ends of the planet yet do certain things at the same time or in a particular way unlike any other. And when they would find each other someday, only then would they realize just how similar yet somehow different they could be.

What she was unaware of was how accurate the scenario that her imagination had come up with was, for she did have such a soulmate, someone who was so similar to her yet so different, but he complemented her in a way no one else had ever previously done so or ever could. She just didn’t know it yet. But she would find out soon enough.

Her family moved to a new city two weeks prior and it was her first day at a new school. To say she was nervous would be an understatement. She felt very jittery and she had to take deep breaths after every few minutes to try to settle her anxiety. She had only ever been to one school before this, where she had spent her whole life up until high school. She was heartbroken when she found out she had to move.

As she walked the halls of her new school, she felt the stares on her; naturally, since she was the new girl and everyone was curious about her. To avoid the stares, she had been looking down at her feet while walking and didn’t realize she was about to bump into someone until it was too late. She collided with someone’s chest with an oomph and would have landed on the floor had it not been for a pair of hands grabbing her shoulders and studying her.

She looked up, a thank you and sorry at the tip of her tongue, when her breath caught in her throat as she looked into a pair of blue-ish grey eyes that reminded her of the ocean she enjoyed looking at back home. She saw her shock mirrored in those eyes and it took a lot of strength and willpower for her to look away.

She took a step away from him and muttered a quick apology under her breath. She looked back up when she heard a chuckle. Once again, she was transfixed by this mysterious yet oh-so-familiar boy; his eyes, his jet black hair and the lopsided smile he was directing her way.

“It’s okay,” he said with another chuckle. “You’re new around here, right?”

“Er yeah, today’s my first day here. I’m Sam, by the way.” She replied.

“Pleasure to meet you Sam. I’m Jordan.” He smiled. “Say, I know how hard first days can be, so would you like me to show you around? I really don’t mind.”

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled for the first time that day. “Yes, that would be great, thanks!”

“C’mon, let’s start with the cafeteria.” He fell into step with her and they conversed easily as he showed her around.

No, Sam had never believed in a soulmate but something about this Jordan fellow made her reconsider. Although she had just met him, she felt a connection of sorts, the kind her parents talked about having to which she always rolled her eyes in disbelief. She felt like she had seen him somewhere before, but that was impossible given she’d spent her whole life elsewhere and he’d never been there (she found out after asking him about it), so she brushed the thought aside.

What she wasn’t aware of was that Jordan too was having similar thoughts.  Throughout the day, he noticed things about Sam that were uncannily similar to him, yet other times she was really different and unpredictable and he found that refreshing. He had known the people at this school for the longest time, and although some were his best friends, the constancy had started to bore him at times and he found her a welcome change in his life.

Sam and Jordan knew that that day had changed everything for them. Neither knew just how much though. The Fates had a special plan for them, and they would soon find out just how much their influence on each would further synchronize their futures, just like their pasts had been without either of them knowing about it.

© Ashes 2017

 The Daily Prompt: Synchronize 

(I know this is slightly clichéd but sometimes I enjoy reading and writing such stories. They warm my hopelessly romantic heart when it just wants some fluff and no angst.)



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