Short Fiction: Her Superpower

Superpowers come in all forms; some are simple enough like being able to understand and communicate with animals; some are massive and complex like in books, like telekinesis or the ability to fly.

Rosaline too had a superpower, one which many people considered unimportant and weak: she had a way with words.
She had the ability to use her words to influence people and their decisions. She could use that ability for either good or evil, though of course things aren’t as simple or as black and white as that.

Most of the time, Rosaline used her words to heal and comfort those around her, even complete strangers. Wherever she went, she oozed words of comfort and brought joy to the people around her.
But every now and then, certain people would enter her life who would test her patience, and many times she wanted to use and manipulate her words for hurting them. But she knew that would only hurt her in the long run; after all, her compassion was a large part of her personality and causing pain to others would do the same for her when she’d see the adverse effect of her words.

So she bore the cruelty thrown at her by those people. After a while, it became easier to ignore, since she had the support of so many people who cared about her and were grateful to her for being able to help them.

After all, what did a select few hundred harsh remarks matter in the long run when she was surrounded by so much love and positivity? She was blessed with a gift and she had every intention of using it only to brighten the days of those around her.

© Ashes 2017

via Daily Prompt: Ooze


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