I’m often pessimistic when it comes to most things, but when it comes to people and seeing something worthwhile in them, I’m unnaturally optimistic. It can be an issue sometimes.

I remember there was this one time I was at my tutor’s house and the only other person there besides me was a boy one grade below me. He was always mean to people, including me. If we ever got into an argument, I’d always hold my own but tried not to be too harsh, because I would hate for my words to hurt him or anyone, even if he had every intention of using his words to hurt me. I was hungry so I opened up a pack of biscuits and offered him one, even though he had just been rude to me a few minutes before. And to me that was just a simple gesture and basic manners but he’d looked so surprised. And instead of saying something rude like I had expected, all he did was shake his head and say, ”No, thank you.’ And I remember feeling very surprised at hearing him thank me. I was pleased with myself.

Seeing his reaction made me wonder if people ever really tried being nice to him. Probably not, since he never particularly made the effort to do the same. After that incident, he didn’t stop arguing with others, but he did stop saying anything bad to me. I wasn’t special for him after that incident or anything like that. All I had done was shown him some kindness. But that had changed him somewhat, even if only when it came to me. That shows just how far being nice and kind can go.

A friend of mine once said to me, “Compassion is for the weak.” But I disagreed, and I still do. In a world like today’s where so many people just want to get ahead and would do or say bad things to achieve that, I feel like compassion is quite a rare quality to find sometimes. It is a strength to be able to show compassion to someone who occasionally verbally bashes you, or to just show compassion in general.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a very strong person; that would be a lie. But I’ve come to realize that I have a strength, a gift which I’ve rarely come across so far in my life: I choose to search for the good in people rather than just see their flaws. I know some cases can be hopeless and being too considerate sometimes can be harmful for your own self. But I like to at least try.

I have seen people like me who do the same and are considered weak for it. So if one of you misunderstood souls is reading this, know that there are indeed people who appreciate what you’re doing. I’m proud of you, and proud to be one of you. And who knows? Maybe someday our compassion can be the motivation for someone to help them find their way out of the darkness and into the light.

© Ashes 2017


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